Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sub-sonnet of the Night Smoke!!!

standing at the crossing,
my steps clouded tonight
the smoke, smoking away the city light
singing softly but its echo is might.
“i need to rise now,
long have i served this place flowing in pipes
i need to feel the wind breeze
ducts are now, a too confined lease”

The smoke looks at my puzzled face softly and whispers again
“I unfurl my eddies, but i know where i am going, 
a warm blanket for those i meet on my way
i float a silver lining for the tired souls in dismay”

tonight, at its prime, the smoke goes along performing a heavenly dance
singing to those who hear its grey smokey trance!!!

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

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