Saturday, July 10, 2021

 Capturing some Pollens!!!

and so it started 

A pencil was sharpened 

A page was brought 

And a story was written

the page was pure 

had a smell of open grass

It held words of love 

Yet the world let it pass 

It remained in exile 

crumbling and getting weak

Yet it smelled like open grass 

attracting the occasional bees 

But one day a bee hovered longer

Just enough to catch the word dust jargon 

And ran it did in the ever changing winds 

just enough to sit in my homes garden!!!

Kartikey Grover 

Inspired by some floating pollens!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Today I Find my Ancestral cookie!!!

Today I Find my Ancestral cookie!!!

Oh ancestral cookie spirit
You are right to forsake my wrist   
I did forget the legacy of our traditonal writs
No longer I can hear notes strung by the old guitarist

Our cookie round with craters
a remaining crunchy heaven for tasters
an ancient art perfected by only some workers
passed along generations, she the wealth, of my ancestors

salads and barbecues still loose charm
by the cookie made from my ancestor’s arm
but me a fool, has put our old cookie heritage at harm 
lost those sweet crunchy heartfelt notes in rush of the frozen farm

but today I unleash my husky and the cat,
the floor is sniffed where the cookie last sat
My hamster is crumb mining around the bed mat
while my parrot scrounges above at the roof hat

Is losing our ancestral cookie my destiny
they say devils in basement are always hungry
221B has also sent their sorry for this divine mystery
As I exhaust my wits and sources to cure this hovering evil melody

Have I lost myself
does no longer runs in me the old elf  
I dive in the remnant fragrances of the cookie herself
As Eureka eureka goes my parrot circling above the shelf

Lie bags of dough and nuts, oven and a recipe book in front of my hut
bake get up from your butt, the cookie spirit leaves her remaining wealth voices my guts!!!  

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the thousands of crunchy notes in my ancestral cookie!!!

I always wonder!!!

I always wonder!!!

i always wonder
Whether my body houses a soul
I always wonder 
Does that soul feels lonely at times
I always wonder
If it occasionally flies around
I always wonder
Whats the radius of my wandering soul
I always wonder
Whether my soul can reach back on my call
I always wonder
When it reaches back if its happier
I always wonder
Does my soul needs some friends to make it happy
I always wonder
Can what I write collect friends for my soul
I always wonder
Is the soul group just created have a purpose
I always wonder
Then what if these purposeful souls get too intermingled to come back
I always wonder
Maybe then I am not just my soul but parts of others too
I always wonder 
Maybe its yours also who are reading this
I always wonder 
Then who am I
We always wonder!!!

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the souls of Thousand Others!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thoughts of the ocean!!!

i want to wet every grain
i want to wave with each laugh
ripple with each gust   
And race with the sea gull’s calf 

generous with sea shells
miser with the fishermen’s trap
I play with all the children castles And cover your feet marks in a wrap 

I roar with the moon
stay motionless as the hour clock
bubble with the sight of love
And tear with music of the wise flock

an open naked book
your wavy smiles makes my water choke
remember my thoughts
my pages are wet for you to soak!!!

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

as they talk as the shimmering light!!!

my ears follow the vibrating light of their voice
a mixture of all known dance forms
my sprit kindles as my eyes jingle

its a beautiful shimmer 
auroras in the sky, crystals in the cave 

my ears follow the vibrating light of their voice 
an amalgam of all emotions
their eyes projecting the sails 

its a soothing strong wind
lotus petals in the air, windmills on the hill

their talk the light on water
their talk the light on snow
its a passion of the everlasting fire
its a commitment of the climbing spider

as they talk as the shimmering light!!!

Kartikey Grover

Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

but i am at loss of words by a jute grocery bag held by two!!!

down the street pavement
a mother holds her jute bag of groceries 

slightly heavy to totter slowly
the child reaches a stirrup from her palm 

no noise, no air rush
a jute grocery bag held by two

impression on skin slightly erased
they amble down the street pavement

a grocery bag becoming a fulcrum
for a bond stronger than those cold factory welds

the jute bag inherits a pure soul today
than what they say reside in the streets of the holy cities

some say its a jute grocery bag held by two
but i am at loss of words!!!

Kartikey Grover

Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!