Sunday, November 26, 2017

Where do these turning wheels go??

wheels make invisible dents
while they turn fast as the seasons.
on two lanes, curving like the skin

summer, winter wheels i see them both
turning on the human road
wearing it slowly old.

occasionally they roll together too
and brake at lumps of emotional flesh
tottering, screeching and skidding

I descry them daily and ask myself
where do these turning wheels go?

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Subtly Sentimental Sand!!!

The sand grain heard a jest
called upon the ocean
and bubbled a few laughs
Today the sand grain seeing pain
calls upon the ocean
and slips a few tears 
I always wondered why the sand grain lies akin to the ocean
The indivisible resting with the immortal!!!

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

the lime flavors the water!!!

lime flavors the water
sprouting citrus, yolklike acid
kindling some fire  

lime flavors the water
flossing teeth, jellylike hair
clearing the dust off the mouth

lime does flavor the water of the lime water flask
island between icebergs 
i drink the liquid sun and breathe.

Kartikey Grover

Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sub-sonnet of the Night Smoke!!!

standing at the crossing,
my steps clouded tonight
the smoke, smoking away the city light
singing softly but its echo is might.
“i need to rise now,
long have i served this place flowing in pipes
i need to feel the wind breeze
ducts are now, a too confined lease”

The smoke looks at my puzzled face softly and whispers again
“I unfurl my eddies, but i know where i am going, 
a warm blanket for those i meet on my way
i float a silver lining for the tired souls in dismay”

tonight, at its prime, the smoke goes along performing a heavenly dance
singing to those who hear its grey smokey trance!!!

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My name is given a Fourier,
when i would meet my coffee dear!!!

a e i o u 
might be just some vowels for you,
a myriad of pronunciations for me to hear
when i would meet my coffee dear.

My name could be tough to say,
i understand and have no ill way
waiting to go right some year
when i would meet my coffee dear.

It definitely gives me an unwanted spotlight
in cafes, with baristas as their ‘multi-syllabled’ fight
an awkward moment of hiatus for their tongue in a hectic gear
when i would meet my coffee dear.

Rarely few will manage till end and utter a ’key’
but most give up the fight initially
a battle where i always have the final tear
when i would meet my coffee dear

but i would unleash the banner again today,
break it again as car- tea-kay
hoping today my name will get its long- due cheer
when i would meet my coffee dear.

Kartikey Grover

Inspired by my Coffee Dear!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The train curves at the bend!!!

i like those window seats
and train oozing from the caves

when people too few for seats to cheat
and the belt of Orion above, waves.

i could see that curve in the train
around the bridge i heard it call 

frying tonight again this childish brain
in whistles it whispers it all

“I am surely not a snake but i can twist
dancing at lighted bends never to shy

make constellations through this map of city mist
show people who never catch your eye.”

the train curves around the bend tonight
circles even when it rains for a while

strength which can bend but be bright
its a flat roar that knows how to curve a smile.

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Three Heads Tied through their Waitt!!!

Curving and throttling,
A horse racing
but momentarily pausing its rattling gait

doors slide today again
Not the usual rushing throng migraine,
Instead three heads tied through their wait

Huddled in a quilt of invisible threads
of the softest woolen shreds
heads like flower pollens seeking the winds to germinate.

young old and middle aged
hair color and oddly shaped,
instruments of an orchestra for a symphony to originate.

woven from fragile ice
the train winds to show how unwise
or surely the light will melt this wait before it gets late,

though I feel the time freeze
this mighty horse has to breathe
As my watery eyes see three heads tied through their wait.

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

And I am the Fragment of the Mighty Mountain!!!

I know heat 
I know cold
I know rain
I am the fragment of the mighty mountain 

I know the swing of the sledgehammer
I know the tenderness of leaf growth
I know the wetness of watery terrain 
I am the fragment of the mighty mountain

I know family ties
I know friendship bonds
I know how love can pain
I am the fragment of the mighty mountain

I see colors of the variegated rainbow in my reflection
I hear sounds of angry protests when I am thrown
I feel touch of the soft neck while I am tied by a chain
I am the fragment of the mighty mountain

the stillness is not new to me
ghosts of the past present and future have shown their face
but like that moon, time is what is both with and against my size wane
And I am the fragment of the mighty mountain.

Kartikey Grover

Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hues of Iced Tea!!!

the warm heat and a still air above the street
praying for some life to move
some air to flutter the trees
And a chartreuse fibrous lime iced tea 

a wooden bench in a cafe on the street
translating eyes on books 
people laughing on the unexpected absurdities
And a green smooth apple iced tea  

a sun through the bright winter snow
grey jackets and scarfs 
hot air and water pumped from the ducts
And a black granular berry iced tea 

a party in a classy apartment building
suits, dresses and dinner jackets
a subtle luster on the salads and cheese and forks 
And a bloody orange thick pomegranate iced tea

a beach house 
a palm tree and the wavy water
sand castles standing tall against the salty sea
And a yellow crystal mango iced tea

a little time to oneself over this table
a bit of self introspection
drops around the cold glass reflecting some leaves
And a swirl and splash of momentary destinies. 

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the Works of Thousand others!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Coffee Dust!!!

What if the coffee bean cracks open a little
And out pours a puff 
I will be then looking at the coffee dust,
which in the light might show its dance of swirls

It will be like a brown colored mist above a hazy desert,
golden tinge of the hair curls 
A dance which will be quieter than a stranded chair
yet will wake up the world to their morning scuttling feet.

How would i, but tell it from other dust
Maybe by how it will set up a smell of thick concentrated dreams
And a mirage where everyone will see their’s
such is the coffee dust

But soon in a while the coffee dust will settle down 
Burden of long hours of the afternoon 
Will it be the time to crack again the bean then,
the next wave of dreams to let burst.

Kartikey Grover
Inspired by the works of Thousand Others!!!